You Will Not Regret This!

I just got home from an amazing experience. Not one that we have to chance to be a part of everyday. I was able to take a walk in Africa through the story of Emmanuel's life, one of four children's journeys being told. He is now 11 years old, but his story starts when he is much younger. This event is being put on by World Vision at Lakeside Church and has been all week, but tomorrow is the last day and it would truly be sad for you to miss it.

Anyone that is local, please visit the link and make an effort to go tomorrow. It is a free event and the exhibit is open from 12 noon to 10pm and takes about 30 min. They do not have child care, unfortunately, and I wouldn't recommend this for children 4 or under (although wearing a baby would probably be ok) as it is an audio tour which includes walking through "African Villages, huts and health clinics" which might be too tempting for little hands to play with. It is also quite dark which could be scary for them.

This evening a quote was mentioned that I think sums it up..."I pray everyday that God would break my heart for what breaks his."


Megan said...

I'm really glad that we did this tonight. You end up feeling like you have a relationship with this child whose footsteps you follow for just a short period of time. It makes you realize how blessed we are as a country and how with that blessing comes great responsibility.

The Runner Bunch said...

I went today - it was great!! Between that and Mindy's Ministry Monday it has been a rough week!!