Every Day is Daddy's Day!

Our weekend was pretty crazy and Sunday specifically was even a bit crazier so I am just now getting to write about Eli's #1 Dad! And that made me realize that Grant is not just a great daddy on Father's Day, but he's pretty spectacular every day! I love to see them wrestling on the floor or to wake up Sunday mornings to find Eli and Daddy cuddled on the couch watching soccer. Eli loves his Daddy and always makes sure to check the bedroom and office for him every morning to see if he's working from home! Its one thing that I was blessed with a fun, loving, silly, intelligent, talented (and might I add handsome?) hubby, but to top it all off, he's also an amazing Dad! Happy Belated Father's Day!

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The Runner Bunch said...

Yay for good dads!!! Way to go Grant :)