Sometimes You Wanna Go...Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

Eli is saying Mama! Its his new favorite word! I should be thrilled, right? Unfortunately he's not referring to me. For the past week we've been hearing his sweet little voice around the house, in the back seat, in the shopping cart, "Mama" "Maaaa Ma!" "MAMA". It sounds so cute, I just wish he was saying it to me! We are not sure exactly who he associates with that title but he will randomly point to specific things or people and say, officially, "Mama". The other day he was looking through Daddy's ESPN magazine and pointed out four mail athletes saying "Mama" at each one. Nice to know his version of 'mama' is so masculine! ha ha! I know one day he'll get it, but for now I'll just have to enjoy the humor in the situation.

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Mindy said...

Hmmmm...maybe he'll surprise you and take after those formal British know, the ones that say "Mother" and "Mummy". Maybe he's inherited his father's dialect. ;)