Baby Proof Worry

We have baby proofed along the way as Eli has grown and become more mobile but one area we have ignored, because we never thought it was a problem, is the window coverings!

Yesterday I was cutting fruit in the kitchen and I could hear Eli playing with the vertical blinds. I was not concerned until he started crying and I walked around the corner to see him sitting down in the corner of our dining room. "He must have bonked his head when he lost his balance", I thought to myself. As I reached down to pick him up, I could see that in fact the metal, beaded chain that rotates the blinds was wrapped under his chin and around his neck choking him! Had he been any smaller, he probably would have been hanging from it. It made my heart stop and brought tears to my eyes. What a scary site and a reality check! Even when I think he is safe in our home, I need to be careful about letting him play on his own for too long without checking on him.

We are going to cut our chain and shorten it so he won't even be able to reach it. Please check your window coverings and see if they are in need of adjustment to keep your kids safe. (As I was writing this I noticed Eli had climbed on our side table, next to the sofa and was turning the lights on and off. I have my work cut our for me!)

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