Eli's Latest Greatest

This summer it has been fun exploring with Eli and watching him discover the great outdoors! Among other things, here are his current favorites:

5. Any type of water play (hoses are especially exciting!)

4. Sliding down his slide and having the dogs lick him at the bottom. Also climbing up the slide; a new talent.

3. Hitting a plastic baseball around on the ground with his bat (thanks Stantons) saying "goal" as he makes contact. I know he's a bit confused but we'll let it pass for now.

2. Raking our yard with his very own sized plastic rake

1. Costco! I know this is not an outdoor activity, but when its too hot to play outside, what better place to go? Air conditioned, free samples, tons of people to say hi to and best of all....Eli can now say it! I was changing his diaper the other day telling him, in a sing-song voice, "we're going to Costco". He looked at me, sort of screwed up his face and said, "Caw-Co". He proceeded to say it the whole way there. He's thinks it is quite a fun word to say!

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Mindy said...

Eli has the funnest little personality! I can't believe he loves Caw-co! Those pictures are terrific. He's such a cutie.