Turkey & Peppers

No, this is not a new recipe, but random things I wanted to share! :)

The other day I got home from the gym with Eli, and Grant tells me to look at our neighbor's yard. There was a wild Mama turkey and her baby just wandering around in the front. I quickly grabbed Eli and the camera and went to take some pictures. While we were watching, the Mama flew up to the roof and I was feeling sorry for the baby when all of a sudden it flew to the fence and then to the roof! What a strange sight!

This spring, I decided to plant a red and yellow bell pepper plant because we were eating so many and they were getting expensive at the store. The tag said it would take 70 days till harvest. I thought that was probably on over estimation...what do they know anyways?! Well, days, weeks, months passed and I was thinking I would never see any peppers and then the other day I noticed I had four! I guess the horticulture specialist know what he's doing after all. :)

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Mindy said...

I was expecting some sort of yummy recipe with a title like that! Those little turkey are so cute! How odd to see a baby turkey...and what a surprise...I didn't know that turkeys could fly. Thanks for sharing those pictures. :)h