Boys Day Out!

As it always seems to go, Eli got over his "horrible ickies" right as I got mine! I struggled through on Tuesday and Wednesday (thanks for the nap, Nana & Papa) but by Wednesday evening I felt miserable so Grant offered to take a sick day so I could have a sick day! I got some much needed R&R and Daddy and Eli got to spend the whole day doing boy things! This included going to the gym, making a "Caw-Co" (Costco) run, stopping by Walmart, having some lunch and a much needed nap, visiting Fleet Feet to check on sales and trying on some shirts at Off-Side Soccer; where Eli was presented with a mini soccer ball by the owner. He came into the house proudly holding his new ball with a huge grin on his face! And what "boy day" wouldn't be complete without some playtime? Eli found all his balls, one by one, and lined them up on Daddy. What a fun filled day for my crazy Lads and a restful one for me! Thanks babe!

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daniella said...

Now that I've discovered your blog I will leave comments. Lots of therm. What can I say, I like to be the leader of the peanut gallery here and there. Love the picture on this post; your boys are quite adorable together. Can you imagine Grant with a girl? Would he know what to do with her? She'll probably be all about futball as well...or you could just give her all your "Valley Girl" books and tell her to live and breathe pink, pink, and more pink.
Ok, now I'm just rambling. Ta! Ta!