Valley Girl

"Like OMG, this fruit is totally awesome!"

Sorry, I couldn't help myself! :) I am a valley girl at heart, but not the kind who uses "like" before the start of every sentence; the kind that grew up in California's Central Valley. The kind who packed fruit for a summer job (yes this does actually exist). The kind who grew up loving the smell of rotting peaches on the ground and who drove down the street to buy fresh, super ripe peaches for only 99cents/lb. from the local packing sheds!

My parents made a trip back "home" last week and brought us a bunch of peaches, nectarines and plums! My mouth waters just typing the words. They are so ripe and sweet; unlike anything you'll ever get in the stores, no matter where you shop! I wouldn't call myself a food snob, but I definitely fall into the category of fruit snob. The problem is, once you've had it, you just can't go back. I'll admit, I get suckered into buying peaches at the grocery store every now and again, after all they look good, but I am always sadly disappointed. I bite into one, expecting the aroma, sweet taste and juices of "home", and instead I discover, yet again, fruit that was picked too early, has little to no flavor and is anything but tasty! I guess that just makes my summer trips to the valley more special. I can truly appreciate a good peach and I never miss an opportunity for a fruit stand visit at "home"!


The Runner Bunch said...

Yummmm! I love good fruit!! I feel like fruit is the best medicine for anything - it always makes me feel better - I will have to have you buy me some next time you go!

daniella said...

Well then, Valley girl, I have some news for you. As you've witenssed at our circus-Wedding, my parents pretty much have an orchard and in that orchard are some of the best stone fruit (peaches, plums, etc.) you will ever taste. And, they're all organic! I will hook you up my friend, I will hook you up. :-)