Grant's "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

Yesterday I made a last minute decision to drive down to my home turf (3 hour drive) to visit some friends (and stock up on fruit!). Eli and I had a great drive down (I kidnapped my mom for the journey) and I stayed up too late chatting and catching up with my friend while our kiddos slept. This morning I called Grant to say "good morning" and was greeted with a less than enthusiastic "hi". Turns out he had gone to dinner with my dad and then out for ice cream and somewhere along the way gotten food poisoning! Poor guy, he was up all night being sick with no one home to take care of him. He even drove himself to the gas station to buy Gatorade at 4am!

After speaking with him and feeling helpless being so far away, our friend picked him up to take him to the doctor and I packed up, picked up my mom and headed back home. While we were on our way he called to say they were keeping him to give him fluids since he was soooooooo dehydrated! What a mess! We got home just in time to pick him up and he slept the rest of today away. Thank goodness he is getting rest and will hopefully start feeling better soon! I doubt we'll be frequenting either of those two establishments any time soon!


daniella said...

That's awful! It's amazing that he was able to drive himself to the gas station. Impressive. One, did you get fruit? And two, which establishments did he attend that evening? C'mon, you know Nosy-Rosy would ask!

Jaime said...

Yes, I got fruit! (priorities) :) and he went to Chipotle and Big Spoon Yogurt(although he swears it wasn't Chipotle), so you decide!