Imagine that sound in a high pitched 15 month old voice and that, my friend, is Eli's version of a Fire Engine. Our dogs howl whenever a fire truck goes by (which is quite often since there's a station up the street) and Eli has decided he wants in on the fun as well, so he does his best impersonation right along with them. I am not actually sure if he is mimicking the sirens or the dogs!

Last Tuesday we had the opportunity to tour a fire station with my Mom's group which was quite fun. Eli got to see the fire trucks up close and personal, we met fire men and even got to see two moms go up in a ladder truck. I did not volunteer for this but the little boy of one of the moms who did, cried the whole time his mom was up "so high"! Poor little guy, he probably thought she was never coming back!

The fireman showing us his gear so we wouldn't think he was so scary!

Eli decided that this was the day to start brushing his teeth...the whole tour!

Self portrait by all the gadgets and gizmos

Couldn't get Eli to smile, if only they'd turned on the siren!

Fireman Eli and his buddies

Our friends Sandy and Haylie

The brave moms in the ladder truck...up, up and away!

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