15 Months!!!!

Eli is growing so fast and seems to be getting smarter, more curious and more silly by the day!
His list of words include: Hi, Mama (still no indication he actually knows who I am), ball, goal, Costco (yes, that's right, a kid with priorities), uh-oh, no, and peas (please)
Latest Accomplishments: Can climb up the ladder and slide down all by himself, let's himself in and out of the screen door to play outside, mastered the stairs (up and down) and is getting very good at opening our pantry door and rearranging everything!

Biggest Milestone: No More Wrapping! I must explain. Ever since Eli was a baby, he had so much energy, literally, the only way to get his body to calm down to sleep was to wrap him tightly in a blanket (arms out; must get his claustrophobia from me). We did this for naps and night time. As he grew out of the receiving blankets his Nana kindly made him larger blankets to fit and as the weather grew warmer this spring we started dressing him in less and less so we'd still be able to wrap him without him roasting. Friends thought we were crazy but we were willing to do what it took for him to sleep well! :) I had visions of Eli in summer camp asking the counselor to wrap him up "like a burrito" when he was 10! A few days ago, during Eli's cranky, sick week, he would kick his legs and fuss every time I tried to wrap him so I gave up and put him in his crib unwrapped! And guess what? He managed to sleep just fine and we haven't had to wrap him since!

I asked my friend Sandy (an up and coming photographer) to take a few pictures of Eli. She did a fantastic job even with a not so happy, moving, 15 month old subject!


Mindy said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to enlist Sandy to take some family photos of us too. She is so talented. I love the one of you guys watching Eli as he's running towards the camera. What a sweet sweet kiddo. :)

Anonymous said...

Eli's hair has gotten so blonde! He's such a cutie. I can't wait to see you guys again!


Resa-mommyteresa said...

These pictures could be in a baby magazine! Your little guy is so adorable! Wonderful picture taking. The editing was classy and I love the B&W!