Real Simple

For those Real Simple readers this will make perfect sense. For the rest...I'm sure you'll catch on:

Old Navy Flip Flops

Original Purpose: extremely cheap way to brighten up your summer wardrobe and gets you from point A to B.

Aha! Use: Learning tool for toddlers. Use your plethora of flip flops (cause we all know you have them in every color) for a matching game and endless fun with your little ones while you get dressed/ready for the day.

Eli: "Nah?" while handing me a green flip flop
Me: "Thank you!...can you get me the other green one?"
Eli: "Nah? Nah?" while handing me another flip flop (he doesn't always match the colors right)

Reward: By the time I've gotten ready, Eli has had lessons in colors and matching, kept himself entertained and I've had on 10 different shoes in about 20 minutes!

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