We'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain....

The descent from the mountains which are home to Hume Lake Christian Camps is always bitter sweet! I have been making that trek for years and although its always nice to "get home" after time away, leaving Hume Lake is just as hard as when I was a little camper and got to spend a glorious week there every summer!

Grant, Eli and I spent the past week and a half (hence the lack of blogging) at Hume and had a blast. My parents' cabin is in the finishing stages of a remodel to transform the loft into two bedrooms and adding a bathroom. It was amazing the see the changes and it was great to have space for Eli that was quiet and tucked away.

For those of you that have been to Hume I don't need to say more (you know you are already picturing the lake, the crazy games campers play, the smell of clean air, repelling, hiking, milkshakes at the Snack Shop, etc.) but for those that haven't, maybe these pictures will entice you to visit. It is one of the most amazing places you will ever go and you can almost feel God's presence as you drive down into the camp.

Aside from all the fun that campers and staff have all summer, it is the place where miracles take place, God works in people's lives and you create friendships for life! As a former camper and staffer, and now a regular visitor with my family, Hume is full of silly memories, crazy stories, God lessons and so much more! Here are just a few pictures, well maybe more than a few, of our great escape to Hume.


Mindy said...

Oh, it looks like you guys had a terrific time! I love Hume. It's gorgeous and tranquil and crazy. Great pictures. And by the way, is that BBQ sauce that Eli's eating?????

daniella said...

Yey! New post AND pics! I'm definitely jealous. If there's anything I miss about California it's the Northern part where there are endless gorgeous spots to camp and experience some of God's BESTest creations. Eli is getting more handsome by the minute (no joke) so you better teach him some gentleman manners soon or else he'll be one heartbreaker! Can he read "Wild At Heart?" NO? Ok.

Ooh, ooh! Thanks for the compliment (you left on my blog). I'm starting to really love the hair and getting better and better at styling it. And sorry we didn't get to get together, but if you read why I left you'd TOTALLY understand.

The Runner Bunch said...

Such cute pictures - looks like you had so much fun!!!