Caution: Men At Work

We have just now managed to get around to our list of "summer" projects for the outdoors! A little behind schedule I know, but at least its still sunny right? There will be many more pictures to come but I couldn't resist a few of my two manly men!

Project Wish List
1. A new side fence (more of a need than want!)
1. A retaining wall so we can store our trashcans and actually use the gate.
2. A new deck covering where grass won't grow and is usually just muddy!
3. New drainage in backyard (discovered need during inquiry of deck bid and was added to the list)

Daddy and Eli putting the finishing touches on the retaining wall. (sorry, you missed the super manly, dirty, sweaty, shirtless shots from yesterday. This looks tame but it was really a lot of work!)

Notice the new fence in the background. We didn't attempt that ourselves...we left that up to the professionals. It only took 1 day!

Just the beginning! The trench was dug in search of our old drainage system and the main line that drains out into the front was never found. Eli gave it his best effort though!

We learned that Eli is ever so helpful when it comes to home projects! Along with the work he undid, he also took off with a tool as soon as we set it down. He came up with some pretty good new uses for tools though!

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daniella said...

I love that in one of the shots Eli is doesn't get more manly than that! Now, if his coin-slot showed when he bent over or sat down? That would have been awesome.

Good job, you DIY family, you!