More Than Just a Workout

Today I witnessed the sweetest thing...while at the gym no less! I was running away on the tread mill (I've been challenged by the insane amount of running my hubby's been doing lately and thought I'd give it a go)and I was people watching to keep my mind from focusing on the pain and jiggling that I was experiencing. I noticed an elderly couple come in and get on the bicycles. They were smiling, teasing and peddling away in all of their silver hair glory. Then I noticed another elderly couple that were rotating on the weight machines. The husband was recommending a stomach crunch machine to his wife and she playfully walked right past saying she couldn't fold her body enough to get on the machine! As I finished up my workout another elderly couple walked by. They were happily chatting away as they made their way to the treadmills.

It was such a fun thing to see older couples (I'm talking 70's) enjoying their time together, being active and still lovingly teasing each other. I never thought I'd get marriage inspiration at the gym but I guess you just have to keep your eyes open...God can use anyone, anywhere to inspire and motivate us!

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The Runner Bunch said...

ahhh - very cute! I love the thought of that.