Bragging Rights

Every once in a while I have to use my blog to brag about my hubby! Now, I can assure you he does brag worthy things more than just every once in a while, but I don't always take photos, sorry honey!

Last Tuesday morning Grant came home from his guy's meeting at 7am with flowers in hand! What a fun surprise!!! They were beautiful and the timing couldn't have been better. Eli has a tendency to get up shortly after Daddy leaves on Tuesdays (usually around 6am) so we had been up, eaten breakfast, played, gotten dressed and I was up on the couch dusting the blinds by the time Grant walked in at 7am.


daniella said...

How sweet, kuddos for Grant!!!

I'm glad to hear my kid isn't the only one waking me up at 6...just because she feels like it.

Mindy said...

Way to go Grant! I bet it feels pretty good to know that you've made all of us bloggy mamas out here mighty jealous! ;) Maybe Al should join your guys' group. I'm in desperate need of some flowers!