My Little Studmuffin!

I am amazed daily how clever and perceptive Eli is at just 17 months. (I know, its not just Eli, it's all kids at this age!). The other evening Grant and I were installing a few shelves in our office closet (yeah for scrapbooking supply organization) while Eli played along side us. He was very interested in the Stud Finder Grant was using I think mostly due to the lights and beeping.

Fast forward a few days and Eli is buckled into his car seat as we back out the garage in the car. He is frantically saying "beep, beep" and pointing. I could not work out what he might need that was in the car and beeped. It wasn't until the garage door was half way shut that I realized he could see the Stud Finder hanging on the peg board!

And just today, we were getting him out of the car and as he turned towards the door, he began pointing and saying "beep beep" again. This time I knew what he was looking at so I handed him the Stud Finder as we came inside. While I was pretty impressed that he had once again spotted it on the wall and remembered it beeped, I was even more impressed when he brought it inside and proceeded to drag it along the walls while holding the button down so that he could hear it beep when it found a stud!!!

Even when it seems Eli is in his own little world, he is still absorbing everything he sees and hears. It is funny most of the time, a bit scary some times and definitely a good reminder for Mommy and Daddy to teach by saying and doing cause little eyes and ears are always on us!


Mindy said...

Who knew that one of daddy's tools could be such a fun toy! Your little studmuffin will grow up to be all the smarter and all the more curious because you let encouraged him to explore his world! I'll put that "toy" in my memory bank for when Hannah's older. :)

Silly Lilly & Family said...

They are little spounges and so fun to watch as they explore and figure out their world. It is amazing to watch them. And isn't it fun when they find a toy that keeps their attention for a while, who knew you just needed to give him a stud finder.