The Greatest Show On Earth!

Last weekend we got to go to the circus!!! Our friends had extra tickets at the last minute so we jumped at the chance. Eli didn't know what he was in for. He sat mesmerized for the first hour or so just trying to take it all in. Then he really got into it and started clapping after the acts and racing around the box with his friends. He was on such a high when we finally left that evening. He jabbered all the way home (and we thought he would sleep!). I'm sure he enjoyed dreams of elephants, tigers and crazy motorcycles that night!

Unfortunately our camera is not the greatest but you can see even more (and better)pictures on my friend Sandy's blog.

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daniella said...

Oh how super fun!!!! I always LOVED the circus as a kid and learned to tolerate and enjoy clowns from a distance: far away, intriguing. Up close? scary.

The circus is coming to our town in October. Do you think it Charlie is too young to go? She'd be 14 months.