Wordless Wednesday

A few of my fellow bloggers participate in Wordless Wednesday. They post fun photos every Wednesday that require no explanation. A picture is worth a 1000 words right? Well, forgive me, but this picture needs a bit of background so that you can fully appreciate my morning!

It started out with tons of fun at the Fish Hatchery with our playgroup. All the kiddos fed the trout, watched them jump and wiggle and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. We decided to continue the fun with a Jamba Juice for lunch. Throw the kids in the car, buckle up and we were off...

As I was making a left hand turn onto a major road the truck next to me was honking and pointing. I kept saying "What?" and shrugging my shoulders, trying to figure out what he was getting all crazy about. Thankfully he was persistent, because out of the corner of my eye I notice a lump behind us in the road. My purse!!!!!! In all the excitement I had left my purse on the back of the car (unzipped of course) and there it was now laying in the middle of a very busy road. My first thought was to call a friend who had still been in the parking lot to see if she could pull over and pick it up before anyone ran over it, but as I reached for my phone I realized...it was in my purse! Ahhhh!

So I quickly got to the next light, made an illegal u-turn and headed back to see what I could salvage (remember I mentioned my purse was unzipped at the time it went flying off my car?). Its a very sad thing to be sitting at a red light, personal belongings spilled out in the middle of the road, only 20 feet away from you, and helplessly watching as vehicles zoom over everything without even slowing down! The light finally turned green, I made another u-turn (legal this time), pulled over hitting the hazard lights as I jumped out of the car, reassuring Eli that mommy would be right back and then started darting out into traffic to retrieve what was left of the wreckage.

Thankfully I was able to collect my wallet, cell phone , make-up bag, check book, medical and debit cards, pictures, receipts, etc. all intact. The only casualties? Eli's travel cup (shattered all over the road...that's why everything is wet and sticky!), a diaper, baggie full of dried fruit and my poor, poor purse! I really did love that purse!

Note: Eli, clearly understanding the excitement of the situation, helped me relive the moments all the way to Jamba Juice...

"Oh no, pursh!" "And car.........mash!!!! (clapping his hands together for emphasis).

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The Runner Bunch said...

You poor thing!! So sad. It was pretty funny though watching Eli re-tell the story :) Did you find the purse online?? I hope they still have them - it was soo cute!