"No, No...ELI!!!"

It's started! I believe we are heading into the terrible 2's! For the record, Eli has been stubborn from day one. Let's be honest, he didn't really have a chance with parents like us! But up until now, it has been fairly manageable and mostly cute.

Over the last few days, however, I have begun to realize, that while he is still incredibly cute (its just the truth, folks), his stubbornness is coming on us like a steam engine without breaks! From climbing onto the couch to getting into his car seat everything is "No, No...Eli!" He does not want help with anything and insists on doing things himself as we painfully watch from the sidelines. While this is, for the most part, insanely frustrating for a "do-er" like me (things to do, people to see) it has also become quite comical.

My favorite version of our new little do-it-yourselfer is when we have been playing a game, the same game for the last 20 minutes mind you, and then all of a sudden Eli starts stamping his feet saying, "no, no, no, no". Unbeknownst to us, the rules of the game have changed and we are no longer playing correctly or to his satisfaction! We then have to stop, ask him how he would like us to play and through charades and broken "Eli" English we get the new set of rules. What a muppet! Hopefully we can continue to find the humor in this new independent phase of toddler-hood.

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daniella said...

Thnowflake, I think that's called....Payback time?

I don't know, just guessing. But look at the bright side; at least he's cute while doing it and a sign of strong, unwavering character. Gotta see the silver lining in everything :-)