Bob & Larry

This morning Eli, an avid fan of Veggie Tales, and I were reading books and he chose the Colorful World book. The first page is red and we were naming all the pictures he knew and then he points to the tomato and says, "Bob". At first I thought he was labeling it incorrectly but then I realized he knew exactly who it was...his good friend Bob the tomato.

This afternoon, we were reading the same book before nap time (he likes repetition) and we get to the green page. Usually his favorite thing on this page is the pair of green rain boots just like his, but today he kept pointing at the picture of a slice of cucumber and saying "oh no". I was bewildered at first and kept asking, "what's oh no?" and then he finally said, "Larry" while pointing to the cucumber slice and smiling! I have no idea how he knows that A) Larry is a cucumber and B) what the inside of a cucumber looks like but we was definitely concerned for his friend Larry who was not his usual self!

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