Whew...What A Day!!!

Pizza! Games! Lights! Colors! A big giant mouse...what could be better? Yesterday Eli and I joined a few other brave playgroup mommies and entered into an alternate universe...Chuck E. Cheese. The last memory I have of that place is from a friend's 21st birthday party in college (ok, go ahead and say it...I was a dork!). To say Eli had a blast would be an understatement. He could hardly contain himself as he ran from machine to machine scoping it out. I probably could have even gotten away without buying any tokens and just let him sit in the seats, but that wouldn't be any fun. He rode the carousel several times, drove cars/trucks and then discovered the air hockey table. We even had our picture sketched by Chuck!
Eli could have stayed all day but when Mommy had had just about all she could handle, we packed up and headed for home. I naively assumed he would fall asleep in the car since he'd played hard and it was way past his nap time but no...I got to relive the day (we'd just had) as Eli told me about all the things he'd done. His favorite story went as follows:
Eli - ball and push!
Me - oh, you pushed the ball? (referring to the air hockey puck)
Eli: uh huh, and Haylie?
Me - yea, you pushed it to Haylie
Eli - and then hole...Yeah!!!!! (clapping)
Me - yes, the ball went in the hole and then you cheered!
Eli - the hole, and all done
Me - yeah, you pushed the ball in the hole and then it was all done
Eli - more?
Me - yes, and then mommy put in another token, huh?
(repeat above conversation for last 20 minutes of the drive home)


The Runner Bunch said...

Your picture turned out so cute!! I LOVE his little story - too funny!

daniella said...

Oh my stars! The conversation...so darn cute. You have one happy boy and he's just too cute for words.

Wana get together and arrange a marriage?

Eli & Chuck Tyler. Has a ring to it, no?

I'll call you next time I'm in Sac.