Never In A Million Years

On any given day, if someone overheard my conversations they might think I'm a bit strange, or borderline crazy...until they saw who I was talking to; my almost two year old son! So here is the first list, I'm guessing of many, of things I never thought I'd hear myself say:

4. "Oh Eli, we don't jump on kitties, we pet them!"
3. "The toilet is for pee pee, not our blankies"
2. "Can you go find Daddy's bottom?" (I was using this tactic of distraction so that I could finish up in the bathroom without Eli who was determined to find my bottom!)
1. "Eli, your feet do not come off, they have to stay on" (this said while driving as Eli is furiously trying to "pull" his feet off in the back seat)

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daniella said...

boys will be boys. I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, have you ever laughed as much/hard as you do now that he's in your life?