{Hume Again, Hume Again, Jiggity Jig}

Ahhh...I love that our adventure with Eli as a newborn has turned into a family tradition. We have gone to Hume Lake for a week every summer now, for five summers! So much fun! It is great to get away from your normal routine, spend time as a family and to be at the true "happiest places on earth"!

This year was slightly different due to our newly moody 4 year old who in years past has wanted to do anything and everything under the sun (at least twice) but this year only wanted to stay in his jammies and play at the cabin! Don't get me wrong, I would not have complained about the down time, however, this year, we also had a little 1 year old who was giving up her morning nap and if we didn't leave the cabin and do something, would fall completely apart by 9am!!! Not the best combination, but we made the most of it.

We did manage to drag Eli to the beach, for a walk, to the playground, to day camp and the pool (all of which he loved once he got there of course) and Naomi even got to be a "day camper" too! This gave Mommy and Daddy two awesome morning dates. We took advantage of that and walked around the lake, got coffee and also went boating!

Hume Lake is such an amazing place and holds such a special place in my heart and spiritual walk that I look forward to spending many more summers up there as a family. I think each time we go, we talk about how it will be for the kids to attend their week long summer camps and how much fun they'll have (even though that is years away!). Oh well, for now we'll just enjoy the mountains, the peace and family time, knowing each fun summer vacation is one closer to our kids experiencing the wonderfulness that is Hume Lake Christian Camps!

Eli the Butterfly Hunter (one day during Naomi's nap, I asked Eli what he wanted to do. He replied, "hunt for butterflies!" Of course, why not! Armed with a bubble wand and walkie talkie we set out)


Replinishing after the hunt!

I can still see my "little boy" in pictures like this one

Did I mentioned it poured a few afternoons?! Crazy!

Fort time, on acount of the rain

We ate breakfast and lunch at the cabin, but joined the staff for dinners...now that's what I call a vacation!

Anything you can do....

...I can do too!

Big stuff and Little stuff

Macho, macho man

Beach time!

"I'm just a summer girl..."

Eli wanted to build a castle, so we went to work, added a mote and viola!

the finished product.


Tricia said...

Wonderful!!! We're heading up the 27th and I can't wait! A year is just not the same without Hume Lake! Ava keeps asking about "the place where you slept" because I told her a story about going to Wagon Train with my friend Jaime. Horray for the blessing of Hume & great memories! I'm going to check out staff dinner... that's way too tempting!

Mindy said...

So fun! Looks like you guys had a great time. All of these pictures really captured the JOY of the vacay!

Paula said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of one happy family in such a sanctuary. It is so nice to be able to picture where you are at in each shot. Can't wait to see you all - so looking forward to it. Love as always P xx