On Father's Day weekend we dedicated Naomi to the Lord in front of family and our church. What a precious gift we've been given to care for, love and to nurture. I pray we do the best we can and trust God with the rest! We love you Naomi Jane!

Not sure if you can tell, but Naomi was "that kid" during the service. Crying, squirming, wanting to walk off the stage...

Trying hard not to smile for Papa

ALL smiles for Uncle Tim!

Our crazy family

The support "staff" (not pictured Joe and Lisa Vaughn)

Warming up to the idea

Our "Bo-mi Monster" back in action

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Paula said...

It breaks my heart that I could not have been there to share this special day. Ho hum cannot have it all I suppose? Beautiful pictures as usual and look forward to seeing you all in person. Lots of love as always.

Paula/Mum/Grandma xxxxxx