{Sweet, Sweet "Noami"}

The other day I realized that I have not taken many pictures between Christmas and now which means that almost two months have passed without photos of our growing little girl. So, like any good, scrapbooking mommy would do, I busted out the camera and took a few hundred photos in two days so that Naomi's "8 month" baby book spread would not be empty! :)

She looks dainty and girly but has such a silly little side to her too. I have a feeling she'll be competing with her brother for the spotlight pretty soon. Her latest talents include growling, smacking her lips, blowing raspberries, rolling on to her tummy while sleeping, she loves standing up at things (with assistance) and also bouncing in her saucer and Jenny-Jump-Up. You'll often see Eli covering his ears because she is bouncing so hard in her saucer which makes quite the raucous! She never stops moving; some part of her body is constantly in motion! How did we end up with two like that?! She is also teething like no other at the moment. Since January 11th, she has cut 3.5 teeth and I have a feeling there are a few more coming in as well. At least we're getting it over with all in one fell swoop right?

Aside from that, I am in love with her baby blues, soft fuzzy hair and edible cheeks, hands, legs, toes...you name it, I want to squeeze it and nibble on it! I am reminded of why this stage is so fun. All baby cuteness and no "parenting" required yet! Makes me miss my little monkey at this age!

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