{My Silly Valentines!}

Valentine's Day is not often grandly celebrated in the Tyler household, in fact, not usually at all (we both agree its a bit over the top). But this year, I was surprised by a card, candy and romantic chic flick from Grant and it got me in the mood. So, we started off with heart shaped toast for breakfast, joined friends for valentine cupcake decorating with the kids, ate heart shaped sandwiches for lunch and then had plans of grandeur for dinner. Mom and Dad were coming over to join us, I was going to decorate the table with red and white, make homemade calzones in the shape of hearts and have a fun evening with my family...then the dough happened! First off it didn't quite make as much as I thought it would, then I couldn't get it to roll out and I certainly wasn't going to get it into the shape of a heart! So at 6 o'clock, with family hungry, table not set with anything cute and no heart shaped calzones, we sent my dad to Papa Murphy's, lit some candles and opened the Coronas...Happy Valentine's Day!

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Paula said...

Gorgeous little valentines. Sounds like you had a fun day despite the dough - oh hum you can't win it all. xxx