It's Official!

We have a 3 year old! We've been celebrating Eli's birthday now for about a week but I think it's finally over. We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese, at home, at McDonald's and at Nana and Papa's house. This year, Eli was definitely excited about his big day! He even made a birthday wish list a few weeks prior to his birthday with all the Disney Cars characters and Thomas characters he didn't already have. He also recited this list to us, almost on a daily basis, until his birthday arrived! He's a kid who knows what he wants! Here a few pictures that highlight our festivities:

Mr. Speed Racer himself

Ski Ball Champs!

Isaiah and Eli braving the "roller coaster"

My birthday boy

Eli chose McDonald's for lunch on his actual birthday...

and invited his friend Haylie to join us! They had a blast!

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Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Eli! You are such a big boy now. :o)