Accident Free Zone

The Tyler household has been
an accident free zone for:
1 day!

Yes, we are on the "potty train" again (2nd times a charm?!), but this time we are going to make it to our final destination! We had been talking to Eli about wearing "big boy underwear" after he turned 3 and when we found out his friend Isaiah started the process, we jumped on the train hoping to use the enthusiasm and keep it going. And so far, so good. It has officially been 4.5 days with minimal accidents, but the best part is, he tells us every time that he needs to go (both pee and poo, sorry if that's too many details for some!). Hooray!!!!!! We've even ventured out of the house a few times and we're getting braver by the day. Costco, Target, Winco, Old Navy....the world is our oyster (as long as it has restrooms!). And because our bathroom has become a candy store/cheering section...a picture of our official "potty station":

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