Bits & Pieces

Last week there were a ton of little things that I kept thinking, "I should blog about this", but they weren't related at all. So here are all the bits from last week:

~ "Ah fooey" - Eli's new phrase (compliments of ???) to use when something doesn't turn out quite right.

~ Nicks - The name of Eli's new imaginary friend whom he only talks to via his cell phone. So far, we have discovered that Nicks lives at Home Depot, he often "doesn't know", and he was a girl on Sunday, but today is a boy again. Should we be concerned?

~ The week of peppers - Last week we tried several new recipes and they all seemed to use red peppers. We figured out we used a total of 7 in one week! Turkey burgers stuffed with roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese (super yummy!) and Penne with sausage and roasted red peppers were the best. Click here for the recipes!

~ Third Times a Charm!!! - Grant and I got a king size bed (hallelujah) a few months ago but have not had a frame. We had ordered two frames previously on-line but when they arrived they were damaged. The third one came last week and was in perfect condition! We love it. The only problem is that it is meant to be a platform bed so you wouldn't need to use box springs, but since we had them already, our bed is currently very tall. We are still deciding which way we like it better. Here's a picture. Isn't it pretty? We don't have the right size duvet yet or a bed skirt, so excuse the mismatched bedding.

~ Safety First - Always remember to wear your "safety helmet" while delivering mail (see photo). Nana and Papa provided this super fun cardboard house. We put it together last weekend and Eli loves peaking out of the windows and most of all, delivering mail, "just like on Bob & Larry!"


daniella said...

I'm sure his safety helmet kept him quite safe.

I say you make it a platform bed. That's what we did when we got our king size bed and we LOVE it! The room looks bigger too, for some reason. And it's more modern, in a subtle kind of way.

I can't wait for Charlie to start really using her imagination like that. I'm sure the thing he says sometimes just makes your day.

Jana said...

Can I get that turkey burger with roasted peppers recipe? I have ground turkey in the freezer I need to use. Thanks! Give me a call to chat whenever you have time.