Thankful in December

It seems the time between Thanksgiving and now (the second week in December) has just flown by! But should I really be surprised? Isn't that what happens this time of year? I didn't want, however, to miss the opportunity to share what we are thankful for just because life is busy! So, here's my Thanksgiving post, a few weeks late!

A few of the "I'm thankful fors" that made the top of the list:

  • Our incredible active, crazy, silly, always entertaining little monkey, Eli!

  • Family that lives close and invites us over for impromptu hang out and meal times

  • Family that lives far but does an amazing job keeping in touch over the phone and isn't afraid to make the long trek to come see us

  • A warm, comfortable home that feels like "home"

  • The ability to stay at home with Eli

  • An amazing group of close friends that God has blessed us with

  • A God that loves us so much he gave us His son to save us

This Thanksgiving we had an extra special treat...Grandma (Grant's mum Paula) came to visit! She arrived the day before and helped us celebrate with a yummy meal, hanging out and of course shopping! We had a great time and Eli loved spending time with his "Bramba" and getting to know her better. Aside from Eli's few mishaps at the parks ("uh-oh, owey, doodle doodle do" & "uh-oh boom") the week was full of laughter, walks, lights, jumping on "Bramba's" bed and tons of fun!

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