Ginger Bread Boys

Eli's friend Isaiah came over to play yesterday and they had a blast. There was lots of running, screaming, ball kicking, tossing and of course the occasional squabble over the cars and trucks. After lunch I decided to let the boys try their hands at decorating two giant ginger bread men. I think they spent less time decorating and more time un-decorating and eating the eyes, buttons, name it. It was so cute to see their chubby little fingers placing the candies on the icing and then licking it off. When all was said and done, we had two undressed ginger bread men and two happy boys covered in frosting!


daniella said...

They were just doing the gingerbread man a favor, putting them out of their missery because they were clearly going dry :-)

Mindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, birthday girl!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It only took Isaiah 4 hours to go to sleep after due to the sugar rush. After that he slept fine. He had a blast.
-Isaiah's Dad