{I have a 5 Year Old!!!}

Last week we celebrated our little monkey turning 5! It was so cute because I said in passing, "can you believe you are 5 today?" and he responded in all seriousness, "I can't!" In the past the excitement has been about the party, gifts, attention, etc. but this year the real excitement is about turning 5! 5 years old! He's 5! He can hardly contain himself and he still mentions it out of the blue..."I'm 5!"

Poor guy had had a fever the entire week leading up to his birthday weekend so it was a bit overwhelming for him but he had so much fun anyway. Aunty Jen and Uncle Tim came for the weekend and on the 25th, we did church, Smashburger and bowling, complete with presents and cakepops! We had a 45 minute wait to bowl so that took a little distraction but other than that he had a fabulous day.

Cars 2 was the theme for turning 5!

My first attempt at cakepops!

Smashing good fun!

The support team

Waiting not so patiently to bowl

Professional bowlers only!

Just checking...

Aunty sacrificed her score for the entertainment value

Guess what? I'm 5!

Looks tasty!


But the fun didn't end there! The following day after school, we took Eli out to lunch and then met up with four buddies from school to bounce the afternoon away. Its the first "drop off" party we've had for Eli where his friends just get dropped off and picked up. It was hilarious to see them all interacting and following each other around from one thing to the next. I have to say, it was really nice and calm just having Grant, myself and the five boys! So all the boys were full of cupcakes and snacks, sweaty and worn out before we sent them home. You're welcome moms and dads! :)

I can't believe you are 5 either, Eli! We love you so much sunshiny!

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