{Hurricane Noami}

Naomi accomplished this before her morning nap! (Eli wasn't even awake yet!)

Our little almost-1-year-old looks so sweet but don't be fooled! She is a mix of sweet and...sassy, mischief, stubbornness, silly and look out cause she LOVES to destroy whatever is in her path! I realize we have some control over this issue, but Naomi is happiest while exploring, pulling out anything and everything she can find from anywhere and everywhere! And at least it is always her stuff or the cupboards which we allow her to be in (minus my wallet of course)! Could be worse right? What a little stinker. I can not believe that next week we celebrate her turning one year old! That doesn't seem possible. Her currant faves include dancing to "Summer Girl", being outside whenever possible, giving kisses and of course Eli still tops her list. She follows him all over the house and has gotten quite quick so he doesn't usually stand a chance. Poor kid, he laughs now but I can just hear it in my future...."MOM, Naomi won't leave me alone!" I'll enjoy the giggles and smiles until then.

Oh and did I mentioned "determined"? She's is definitely that!


daniella said...

All GREAT qualities, if you ask me! She is SOOOO cute. You two need to keep making kids.

Paula said...

Oh wow Jaime what great pics and anology of the little lady. I must say last time we skyped I realised you had someone resembling the demolition squad. Cannot wait to see both of them in September. Thank you for the update as I know you are extremely busy. Your ever grateful mom-in-law. love you xxx