A few weeks back...

One of my "pre-Naomi" to do items, was to display her name on the wall like I had done for Eli. Since Eli's name is in wood letters with painted squares behind, I thought I'd do the same
for Naomi but with circles. The project has been complete for a few weeks now but just the other day during Eli's rest time the following took place:

Eli - "Mommy! Mommy!"

Me -"yes Eli" as I open his door

Eli - "look!" smiling proudly looking around his room

Me - "what am I supposed to be looking at?"

Eli - "look" pointing to his name

Me - realizing that the wooden letters weren't quite how I'd left them before nap time I say, "wow, Eli that's very clever, but how did you do that?"

Eli - "I just climbed on my bunk bed and took my 'A' and then climbed on my kitchen and got Naomi's 'A' and then climbed back and switched them!"

What a little monkey! I couldn't believe that he'd been able to get to Naomi's 'A' at all let alone switch them and get them hung back up as well. He has since insisted on leaving them that way!

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Jana said...

That's very impressive!! Wouldn't you love to have a nanny cam in his room to see what all he does when he's supposed to be sleeping? I think you should leave the As that way to make you smile every time you see it.