Move over Curious George, Lightning McQueen has come to town. Eli is becoming quite obsessed with the Disney Cars movie and loves to pretend race, talk, eat, sleep, etc. with his toy cars. He knows most of their names and often (almost every day) manages to tell us the long list of cars that "I wish I could have...." and that maybe "we could just go to Walmart and get them!". Scary!

He loves quoting different parts of the movie but doesn't always get it quite right. This makes it even more humorous for us! :) Yesterday he was racing his bike around the backyard saying...

"Ride like a cowboy, stingin' like a beaver"
(the actual saying is "Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beamer")

And then yesterday morning as we (yes me, on my hands and knees being six months pregnant) were racing our cars around the couch we noticed that one of the cars, Shiny Wax, has a very small mustache. Eli announced that due to that fact, Shiny Wax could now say "Ca-chigga" along with Chick Hicks, who also has a mustache.

"Ca-chow" (originally said by McQueen, but now reserved for all non-mustache people)
"Ca-Chigga" (only allowed by mustache sporting individuals)

Daddy must say Ca-chigga, but mommy and Eli have to say Ca-chow! I don't care who his favorite character is at the moment, he is still a monkey!!!

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Mindy said...

Ummmm, I'm missing your posts!!!!!! Not that you're not busy enough...but the blogosphere misses you!! :)