My Life According to George

Someday, either Eli or I will write our memoirs with this title! It is amazing how many times a day I am able to reference Curious George or apply a lesson from Curious George to Eli's little 2.5 year old world. Some might say that's just a result of watching too much George, but really, when it comes right down to it, Curious George just about sums up Eli's personality. He's way too curious for his own good, silly, always wants to be a part of the action and means well most of the time. Here is the perfect example:

Today during nap time - It was very quiet right away (unusual) so I went to listen at his door after about 20 minutes. I could hear rustling and then heard the clank of his mini blinds. I opened the door to find quite the "nap time" scene! He was standing at his window trying to peak out. This was only possible because he had moved his table (its not light) along with the mini Christmas tree on top of it, over to the other side of the room, taken out his night light so he could plug in the Christmas tree lights, placed his night light in the outlet that his tree used to be plugged into and was then trying to look out the window! If I could have taken a photo without undermining my parenting I certainly would have. I had a hard enough time keeping myself from laughing. What a monkey!!!!

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Mindy said...

Oh my gosh, he's brilliant, that kid! WOW. That's too cute. How in the world did you keep from craking up?