Relax, Rejuvinate...Retreat!

We just got back from a retreat weekend with our Bible study in Bodega Bay. It was the most beautiful weather and it was so great to spend time hanging out, playing games, spending way too long on puzzles and catching up with friends. The guys got to golf and play tennis and us girls had a day out shopping and having lunch. Although the location has changed, our retreat tradition has been going now for 5 years! Crazy! I also got to practice a bit more with my new camera and get a few lessons from our resident photographers as well.
Practicing his "Cheese!"

Eli and his buddy Isaiah

Follow the leader


Mindy said...

Eli looks like such a big boy in his hat! And I love the picture of the boys on the pier. So cute!

Sara said...

I have to agree with Mindy, I love the picture of them walking down the pier. Glad to hear that you had fun, it's so refreshing to get away!