Nothing beats a vacation...away from home, with family, great weather, no schedules! Grant and I both agree that "vacation" to us is somewhere warm and relaxing. We were fortunate last week to use a friend's cabin in South Lake Tahoe. We were within walking distance of most everything including the beach, Safeway and a park! What more could you need? Some chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies from the neighbor perhaps? Oh wait, we had that too!

Eli decided that vacation meant not sleeping in so we took turns getting up with him while the other slept. The first morning Eli and I were out taking a walk by 7am and we met the neighbor who had a dog named Foxy. Foxy was a big hit with Eli and Eli must have been a big hit with the neighbor because that afternoon he came by and brought us some cookies. How nice...and so yummy! Too bad Grant doesn't like chocolate and Eli shouldn't have too much. More for me!

We spent our week taking walks, digging in the sand at the lake, playing at a really cool playground, biking, attempting to hike (with no backpack for Eli and the stroller just wouldn't work), HDTV/nap time and lots of good vacation food (we're big fans of POPS cereal and Doritos)!

I think the best part of the vacation for me was being able to hang out with Grant and Eli with no other distractions to worry about. Too bad we had to come home...sigh!

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